Get Grimm

The Return of Get Grimm and the Ancient Greece Intro

February 20, 2020

Well guys, it's official: I'm back. I've been wanting to come back for a long time, but timing has just not been right. However, that's about to change. Now that I've had my time free up again and I am able to prioritize putting out new episodes, I'm really excited to come back with a brand new season and a brand new topic. This new season is going to be all about the ancient Greeks. And I guess by association the ancient Romans.

Besides the kilts, there hasn't been a group as influential on our storytelling in the western world quite like the ancient Greeks and Romans. Play rights, poets, moviemakers, storytellers, across generations and time all seem to come back to these tails. So come with me, consult your soothsayer, look for signs from the gods as we journey back to Ancient Greece.

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